In the spirit of unlearning, we value taking time during our off-hours to enjoy activities together as a lab!

Holiday Celebrations

Observing the holidays with various celebrations…

In 2022, our lab attended the MUHC Foundation Holiday Party, snapping photos with Santa! 

In 2021, we celebrated with a virtual Zoom party amidst the COVID pandemic – but we ensured to use festive Zoom filters and sport holiday wear to get into the spirit. 

Lab Lunches

Enjoying each other’s company and sharing our favourite foods…

IDIGH Holiday Event and Gingerbread Decorating

Celebrating the holidays, decorating gingerbread (dog) houses, and testing our trivia skills at the 2022 IDIGH Holiday Event! Our lab placed 1st in the gingerbread decorating contest and 1st in the holiday trivia contest!

Van Gogh Distortion: Immersive Exhibit

Visiting art shows to inspire us in our innovations…

IDIGH Pumpkin Carving

Indulging in pumpkin carvings to allow us to showcase our hidden crafty talents…

In 2022, we placed 3rd in our departmental pumpkin carving contest with our Vampire King Pumpkin!

In 2021, we recognized COVID-19 by creating a coronavirus themed pumpkin.

Sharing Baked Goods and Sweets

To keep the sugar rush going… (much needed for heavy analyses)